February 19, 2019


These sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, keto cakes will have you staying slim and satisfied. Packed with protein and fiber, they’re a great way to start the day or end it if you’re into breakfast for dinner.


1/2 cup coconut OR tiger nut flour (I used tiger nut which is actually nut free & it gave it a bit if an earthy flavor)

1/4 cup vanilla Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein

1 tbsp flaxseed or chia seed powder (I used flax)

2 tsp BobsRedMill aluminum free baking powder

Pinch of Eat Brands Probiotic pink salt

3 Organic Free range eggs (can do 6 if the batter is too thick)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

20 drops Vanilla Sweetleaf Stevia

Place dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well

Place wet ingredients in a separate bowl and whisk until smooth

Slowly combine the dry into the wet while continuously stirring

Let set for about 10 min to thicken

Put the pan on medium heat with some grass fed butter or ghee (coconut oil for you vegans)

Pour, flip, SERVE!

Topped off with Lakanto Sweetener maple syrup, BeeKeepers Naturals, bee pollen, grass fed butter, and cacao nibs.

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