New Year, New Me....LITERALLY

New Year, New Me....LITERALLY

January 10, 2019

New Year, New Me….Literally

With the start of every New Year, comes the repetitive resolutions such as getting in shape, finding that love, and saying no to that sweet treat. We tend to launch into the New Year with the enthusiasm of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader only to descend down into disappointment as soon as we peak. Why is that?! We begin every year with the intention to be our best and healthiest selves and somehow slide into cyclical habit patterns that don’t serve us. Well THIS year let’s focus on progress rather than perfection! Dry January? Sure…until “feel no pain” February rolls around and we find ourselves becoming a lush over loneliness. Going Whole30? Awesome…until we lift the veil of deprivation and dive head first into that deep dish. Fear not friends! Below are some steps you can take to staying on track.

Step 1: Do NOT Make a Resolution

I know this sounds counter intuitive, however, I feel making a resolution will keep you further from your end goal. Every time we make a resolution our brain immediately creates limitations around the parts of our lives that do not contribute to the so called “resolution.” We often strive for perfection over progress as we chastise ourselves for simply craving that which doesn’t serve us. These feelings of guilt or shame only send us into a spiral of negative self-talk, cueing our brain for that instant hit of dopamine in the form of sugar, carbs, Netflix, a toxic person…pick your poison. When it comes to lasting change we want to start with one room rather than remodeling the entire house all at once and it turns out more often than not that resolutions are just too…resolute. Which is why year we are starting, what I like to call, a revitalization! This New Years’ Revitalization is a new lifestyle that you will be able to take with you for years to come.

Step 2: Listen To Your Body

Fad diets will most likely fail you if you want to eat healthier, improve skin, increase vitality, lose weight, etc. Why you ask? This is because diets don’t highlight bio individuality. Every human being has a different body and brain that require a form of exercise or food regimen that caters to their unique DNA, blood, and build. One person’s medicine is another person’s poison because let’s face it, one size really does not fit all. The human body has the incredible ability to heal itself and achieve its’ goals when it is a well-oiled machine with the correct type of fuel.

Step 3: Find Your Practitioner

Finding the right practitioner for you is the most important part of your healing journey. With all of the information flying around, guidance is a necessity to prevent being tossed around the trends. Have more than one modality in mind to help you mend? Fantastic! Just make sure that everyone is synergistically working together for your greater good. Community is the new guru; no one person can fix it all!

So back to this New Years’ Revitalization…I encourage you to go into 2019 with the idea of revitalizing your mind and body rather than focusing on resolute deprivation. Let the healing journey begin!


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