Austin City Guide

Austin City Guide

August 19, 2019

A VeesHoney approved guide to one of my favorite cities in America.


Hotel Saint Cecilia 

Created in honor of the patron saint of music and poetry, the Saint Cecilia takes inspiration from the great era of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when a revolution of rock and roll and beat poetry overran the hallowed halls of established convention. The hotel pays tribute to the great creative legacy of Austin’s revolutionary idols and to the spirit of the artist that lies within us all.

VeesHoney says: This is a chic, boutique hotel that’s tucked away behind one of the most popular streets in Austin. It feels like home when you’re there and everything—bathroom products, robes, room design—is well-curated. The pool is private and has a cool neon sign that says “soul,” if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Location: 112 Academy Dr.

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South Congress Hotel lobby

The lobby bar at South Congress Hotel features a full bar and handcrafted cocktail program, coffee service, free Wi-Fi and a custom menu of snacks from Café No Sé.

VeesHoney says: Great place to work during the day, and a fun place for happy hour with a vibrant scene of young professionals. 

Location: 1603 South Congress Ave.

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Jeffrey’s of Austin

Jeffrey’s is a neighborhood fine dining restaurant featuring dry-aged prime beef and French American classics. 

VeesHoney Says: One of the few high-end fine dining spots in Austin. Perfect for cold weather because it’s dark and cozy, but also super fun year-round for a quality steak and a mixology drink.

Location: 1204 W Lynn St.

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Josephine House

The sister restaurant to Austin fine dining institution Jeffrey’s, offering breakfast, lunch, brunch, happy hour, dinner & Monday night steak frites. The Clarksville cottage features a small marble bar for coffee or cocktails, intimate tables in the dining room, shady nooks on our patio and a grassy front lawn for lounging. Serving an eclectic daily menu featuring the best locally sourced products. Reservations are recommended.

VeesHoney says: Josephine House is designed like a little cottage—you’ll feel like you’re in somebody’s backyard. Excellent for breakfast or a light lunch. Fun spot to meet people. Order the poached chicken salad. 

Location: 1601 Waterson

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Pool Burger Austin

Hormone and antibiotic-free burgers, tiki drinks and homemade soft-serve from a poolside airstream.

VeesHoney: All hormone-free, antibiotic-free, wagyu beef burgers. They have the option for a lettuce wrap and their salads are amazing. Order the Big Trail salad (sub the veggie nuggets for a grass-fed patty) and you’re winning. On Friday nights they have live reggae music and a late night DJ with great tequila and mezcal cocktails. 

Location: 2315 Lake Austin Blvd.

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June’s All Day

Chic option for inventive New American fare, cocktails, beer and wine in a bright space with a patio.

VeesHoney says: Excellent spot for lunch, happy hour, or dinner. The vibe is reminiscent of a 50s diner. A classically trained sommelier has designed the wine list, so if you are a wine buff, this is your spot. In terms of what to order, their chicken soup is unbelievable (whether you’re healthy or sick), and their prosciutto is some of the best that I’ve ever had.

Location: 1722 S Congress Ave.

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Elizabeth Street Cafe

A charming outpost offering French breakfast bites and creative Vietnamese plates for lunch and dinner.

VeesHoney says: Some of the best Thai food in Austin. This place has a cult following and people go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even takeout. If you like spice, this is your spot. The design is bright, fun, and airy. 

Location: 1501 S 1st St

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Launderette ATX

Gourmet New American fare served in a polished cafe space in a converted gas station/Laundromat.

VeesHoney says: A modern take on a diner with some healthy options. Great place for weekend brunch. The deviled eggs are amazing. I also love the striped bass crudo and pan-seared salmon (hold the farro). 

Location: 2115 Holly St.

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Justine’s Brasserie

Steaks and snails plus wine and cocktails in a little bungalow with a light-strung patio.

VeesHoney says: Ooh! A super fun French brasserie that is great for dinner and late night eats (it’s open very late). Great place to go out with friends for drinks and laughs, plus they have an awesome steak frite (hold the frite and get salad instead). Heavy on the party vibes. 

Location: 4710 E 5th St.

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Café No Sé

A bright spot in the South Congress Hotel with seasonal menus in a chic, rustic-modern space.

VeesHoney says: Fun for brunch or to order in to the South Congress lobby if you’re working from there. I only get one thing on the menu, and that’s the greenhouse salad — add the beet and horseradish gravlax.

Location: South Congress Hotel (1603 S Congress Ave.)

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Clark’s Oyster Bar

An upscale-casual seafood spot with an open kitchen, marble-topped bar, plus indoor & outdoor seating.

VeesHoney says: Clark’s has some of the best fresh fish and oysters in all of Austin. Incredible wine pairings. 

Location: 1200 W 6th St. 

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Mattie’s Austin

Brunch & special-occasion dining in a 19th-century home with antique-chic lounge, bar & patio areas.

VeesHoney says: Family-owned French gourmet cooking with Southern hospitality. I like to go for dinner because of the tree lights and true historic Southern charm. My picks from the menu are the farmhouse salad, the prime filet and the pan roasted chicken breast. 

Location: 811 W Live Oak St.

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Uchi Austin

Sushi plus creative hot and cold dishes from chef Tyson Cole in a stylish, sophisticated setting.

VeesHoney says: The best sushi in all of Austin, and one of the best in the US. Make sure to get the Uchi salad, which has fresh herbs and lettuces you can dip in a gluten-free, dairy-free wasabi dip. 

Location: 801 S Lamar Blvd.

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ATX Cocina 

Modern Mexican fare. Mezcal and tequila cocktails anchor this upscale eatery.

VeesHoney says: Modern mexican cuisine. They use all-organic corn and design their own corn flatbreads with heirloom corn from Oaxaca. Really great tequila drinks. Best of all, they boast a completely gluten-free kitchen so you can dine worry-free!

Location: 110 San Antonio St., Suite 170

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Casa de Luz Village

A unique community gathering space in an iconic Austin setting. Set menus of vegan, organic and gluten-free breakfast, lunch and dinner in a self-service dining room.

VeesHoney says: A vegan, macrobiotic, self-service restaurant that feels more like a community cafeteria. It’s fixed-price at the door and is all-you-can-eat. 

Location: 1701 Toomey Rd.

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The Herb Bar

A Haven for Healing since 1986. Step inside the Herb Bar and savor the wonderful smells and sights that greet your senses—an oasis of earthly delights. 

VeesHoney says: A funky little spot with every herbal remedy you can imagine. It’s almost like going to a witch doctor. Explore making your own herb mixes and tinctures. 

Location: 200 W Mary St.

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Peoples Rx

Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy has been a local favorite for over 30 years. They are wellness and compounding specialists committed to your total health. Their mission is to empower people to make educated health choices while providing prompt, friendly service with only quality products.

VeesHoney says: If you’re on the VeesHoney program, this is your go-to stop for supplements, snacks, VeesHoney approved sweet treats, and more. They have non-toxic skincare, one of the best curated supplement selections I’ve seen, and a staff who’s well-educated about natural remedies. They have a small smoothie and coffee bar that serves bulletproof and keto-approved smoothies. They also serve, in my opinion, the best breakfast taco in all of Austin—they’ll even make it on a paleo wrap. 

Location: Multiple

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Juice Society

Juice Society is a modern wellness and beverage brand based in Austin, TX.

VeesHoney says: One of Austin’s highly regarded juice establishments. They have a wide variety of smoothies and juices to choose from and are very accommodating when it comes to customizing your own. 

Location: 1100 S Lamar Blvd. Ste #1116

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Sunroom Boutique

Sunroom is a women’s clothing and accessory boutique that combines a west coast inspired aesthetic with an urban sensibility.

VeesHoney says: One-of-a-kind pieces that you wouldn’t normally find. Coastal chic meets southern swag. They have a very well-curated selection. It can be a bit pricey, but worth every penny if you’re looking for something that no one else has. 

Location: South Congress Hotel (1603 S Congress Ave.)

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Kick Pleat

Airy women's-clothing retailer with an artsy vibe selling casual designer skirts, blouses and more.

VeesHoney: Sleek, structured clothing you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect if you’re going for a sophisticated, laid-back look.

Location: 624 N Lamar Blvd. 

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Passport Vintage

A vintage jeans, womenswear and menswear shop located in Austin, Texas.

VeesHoney says: Really cool reworked vintage t-shirts and jeans. Your source for 1970s Levis and band tees. 

Location: 2217 S 1st St. A

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Deep Eddy Cabaret 

Legendary watering hole featuring an old-fashioned jukebox, draft brews, pool and an upbeat vibe.

VeesHoney says: One of the city’s oldest haunts. It’s a funky little dive bar with live music and a fun atmosphere. Think guys on guitar, country music, dancing and drinking—a quintessential night out in Austin.

Location: 2315 Lake Austin Blvd.. 

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Antone’s Nightclub

This music venue, a former playground for Stevie Ray Vaughan & other music legends, is still thriving after nearly 40 years.

VeesHoney says: Great spot for watching live music. They feature all types of music—not just country—and seating is standing room only. I love their musical variety and intimate live music experience. 

Location: 305 E 5th St.

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Deep Eddy Pool

Deep Eddy is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and features a bathhouse built during the Depression era by the Works Progress Administration

VeesHoney says: One of my favorite spots to cool off and escape the Austin heat. 

Location: 401 Deep Eddy Ave.


Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs Pool is a recreational outdoor swimming pool that is filled entirely with water from nearby natural springs. It is located on the grounds of Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The pool exists within the channel of Barton Creek and utilizes water from Main Barton Spring, the fourth largest spring in Texas.

VeesHoney says: One of my favorite places to swim in the summer! Highly recommend.

Location: 2131 William Barton Dr.

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Chic cafe in South Congress Hotel offering thoughtfully sourced coffee, juice and house-made pastries.

VeesHoney says: A cool coffee shop you can work out of. They have great matcha, high-end coffee, and a well-curated beverage fridge. 

Location: South Congress Hotel (1603 S Congress Ave.)

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Vetiver Skin

Located in the Clarksville neighborhood of Austin, Vetiver Skin Studio's holistic perspective focuses on optimum health for the skin.

VeesHoney says: The best non-toxic facials in Austin. 

Location: 821 W 11th St.

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Milk and Honey Spa

Voted Austin & Houston's Best Day Spa for Massage, Facials, and Mani-Pedi Treatments. 

VeesHoney says: An amazing spot for a less-toxic gel manicure.

Location: 100A Guadalupe St.

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